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Dangerous Play

Players should act with integrity and show consideration for other players on the golf course. Abiding by the rules and avoiding dangerous play are crucial in order for golfers to have a safe and enjoyable experience on the golf course. 

Golfers should abide by these measures to avoid Dangerous Play:

  1. Ensure that the front flight is out of range before commencing to play their shot. When you hit a stray wayward shot, shout 'fore' to alert nearby golfers.
  2. Ensure that golfers ahead have left the green and driven off to the next tee box before taking their shot.
  3. Be aware of other golfers on the course, especially of golfers walking back to fairways or emerging from bushes.
  4. Ensure that there is no one standing close by or in a position to be hit by the club, the ball or any stones, pebbles or the like when they hit their shot or proceed with a practice swing.

It is also every golfer's responsibility to make himself/herself visible at all times. For example, golfer should park the buggy in the center of the fairway instead of hiding the buggy in the bush.

Golfers found to be negligent in their compliance with these rules may be met with disciplinary actions. Please inform the Marshal immediately when Dangerous Play occurs.

The golf course is to be enjoyed by all golfers. All players should conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, demonstrating courtesy and sportsmanship at all times. 

Mandatory Account Registration for Online Booking

With effect from 1 June, all users booking a golf game to play 9 or 18 holes must register an account online.  

The option to "Proceed as Guest" while making a booking online will no longer be available.

Please note that each registered account can only be associated with one user. The registered user will be the lead golfer for the booking and must be present for the golf game.

Only one booking can be made on each selected play date by a registered user.

All registered users are advised to provide verification of their nationality, handicap index and golf club at the reception when they register for their game. Upon verification, the information on their registered account will be updated.

To sign up an account, click here.

Unauthorised Sales of Tee Times and Misuse of Booking System

The Management of the Marina Bay Golf Course (“MBGC”) wishes to clarify that only appointed persons or entities authorised by MBGC may secure tee times for sale to golfers. Anyone who is not authorised by MBGC to secure tee times for sale shall refrain from doing so. Secured tee times by unauthorised persons may be rejected without any refund.

Anyone who has secured a tee time and is unable to be present for the golf game or fill out the slots, for whatever reason, shall refrain from selling the slot(s) to other golfer(s) and shall give written notice of cancellation to MBGC. In particular, the lead golfer (for single slot bookings, lead golfer means the single player), whose name is stated as the first player in the booking, must be present for the golf game. Any request for change of lead golfer is subject to approval of MBGC. 

MBGC will only consider any request for change of lead golfer or refund on a case by case basis if there are extenuating circumstances for no show or cancellation by the lead golfer.

The public is urged to refrain from buying any slot from any unauthorised person or third party. MBGC shall not be responsible for any loss or damage suffered by the public from buying such slots.

Use of bots or scripted programmes on our website without authority is strictly prohibited and is an offence under the Computer Misuse Act (Cap. 50A). Anyone found doing so in order to secure tee times online or to hamper the booking process of other genuine online users or for any other purpose shall be referred to the police.

Action may be taken towards anyone found selling their slots to other parties or aforesaid unauthorised access. This includes, and is not limited to, confirmed booking of golf games being cancelled without refund and the errant users being barred from future bookings. 

Course Etiquette: Repair Divots

We are consistently maintaining our golf course to improve your golf experience at Marina Bay Golf Course.

Nonetheless, we highly encourage golfers to continue practising proper course etiquette.

Please repair divots and ball marks as you play. Repair any damage you have made to the golf course to ensure that everyone gets to enjoy the game and course in the long run.  

See below for tips on divot repair:

Closure on All Mondays (Jan onwards)

With the increase in traffic at the golf course and driving range over the past few months, we have observed a higher level of turf stress which will be detrimental to the turf condition over time.

In order to maintain the turf in a healthy condition and improve playability on the golf course, we will be intensifying our maintenance program which will be carried out on every Monday.

All golf facilities will therefore be closed on Mondays with effect from January. Please note that F&B outlets will be closed too.

Please note revised tee times below:

DaysOperations (4 January onwards)
Every Monday

Full Closure

Golf Course (Full 18 Holes)

Practice Greens

Putting Course

Driving Range

F&B (The Canopy Cafe & Canopy T)

Star Golf Academy

MST Golf Pro Shop

my golf kaki

Detail Mania

Tuesday to Sunday

Business as Usual

(Closure of putting course on alternate Tuesday mornings)

We seek your understanding on our efforts to improve your golfing experience and regret any inconvenience caused.

Early Morning Tee Times

We are introducing early morning tee times from 23 June onwards. Tee times from 6.28am onwards will be available from Tuesday to Sunday.

Early Tee Times (Tue - Sun)

18 Holes

DayMorning Tee Times
Tue* - Sun

6.28am -11.48am

9 Holes

DayMorning Tee Times
Tue* - Sun

6.30am - 8.20am

* On course maintenance days, Tuesday tee times will start at 10.04am for 18 holes and from 7.00am to 9.50am for 9 holes. View the schedule for 18-hole play on Monday and Tuesday mornings here.

Change in Course Handicap Conversion Chart

Following the introduction of the World Handicap System, please note that revisions have been made to the Course Handicap Conversion Charts. 

Men's Black Tee

Men's Blue Tee

Men's White Tee

Ladies' White Tee

Ladies' Red Tee

Night Golf on Tuesdays

We will be introducing evening and night golf on Tuesdays. 

As such, golfers will be able to play evening and night golf from Tuesday to Friday. Please note that lighting fees will be applicable for the below tee times.

18 Holes (Tue to Fri)Tee Times
Evening Golf

3.32pm to 4.28pm

Night Golf

4.36pm to 5.48pm

9 Holes (Tue to Fri)Tee Times
Night Golf

6.10pm to 8.30pm (First Nine)

Online Rain Check Redemptions

Rain check redemption is now available online for rain checks which are issued in September.

In the event that a golfer is issued a rain check, he/she will receive a Rain Check Voucher Code via email.

The Rain Check Voucher Code can be entered when the lead golfer is making an online booking for the next golf game.

After a tee time has been selected, the lead golfer can enter player details and the Rain Check Voucher Code under the ‘Promo Code/Voucher’ field.

Please note that the email address provided for the player redeeming the rain check must be the same email address which received the Rain Check Voucher Code.

Players without email address can provide their contact number. Similarly, the contact number will have to be the same number for the player who has been issued the Rain Check Voucher Code.

New Online Booking Experience

To enhance your user experience, a new online booking portal will be introduced on Monday, 19 August 2019.

Sign up for an account online to enjoy greater convenience and a seamless booking experience! 

Enjoy a Faster Booking Experience

  • We have streamlined the booking process so you can easily book a game for you and your regular flight mates! 

View and Manage your Bookings

  • Now you can view your past bookings and even rain checks that can be redeemed on your next booking online!

Get Updated on Promotions

  • Stay ahead of the rest and learn about the latest promotions!


We look forward to serving you better!


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