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Enjoy 6 holes of fun and challenges on our putting course.

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Practice Green Rules

  1. Golfer who wishes to make use of the practice greens is required to pay at the reception counter before he/she commences practice session. A ticket will be issued and must be displayed notably while practising at the practice greens.
  2. Fees paid for use of practice greens are not refundable and subject to GST. Ticket for use of practice greens is not refundable and is not allowed to be changed for rain check once paid.
  3. Golfers with course tickets for the day enjoy complimentary usage of the practice greens prior/during their tee times.
  4. No golfer, unless approved by MBGC, shall be allowed to make use of the practice greens after their game unless he/she has made payment for the use of the practice greens.
  5. All below 12 years of age have to be accompanied by a resident golf professional or playing adult with a valid golf handicap.
  6. All golfers shall observe, comply with and adhere strictly to any instruction displayed at the practice greens.
  7. Only those golfers named on the form will be allowed to use the practice greens on the stipulated day. Upon registration, all golfers must produce ID cards/ Passports for verification purposes.
  8. Golfers must be in appropriate golf attire. Flat sole shoes should be worn. Soft spike golf shoes are preferred.
  9. No pitching is allowed.
  10. Be considerate and avoid dangerous play.
  11. Golfers must ensure that shots are out of range from other golfers using the practice greens.
  12. Range balls are strictly not allowed to be used on practice facilities.
  13. Only coaches authorized by MBGC are allowed to coach on our premises.
  14. Students accompanied by the golf professionals from the resident golf academy are allowed usage of the practice greens.


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