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Red/Yellow Card System

In order to address problems pertaining to golfers not complying / observing the rules and regulations of MBGC, and golf etiquettes as stipulated by the R&A/USGA Rules of Golf, we have introduced a yellow/red card system.

All golfers should adhere to our rules and regulations so as to ensure their safety and enjoyment during their stay at Marina Bay Golf Course. Any golfer who fails to observe or perform an action expected by MBGC’s rules and regulations, such as behaving in an unruly manner within MBGC premises, in the golf course, failing to repair divots, failing to rake bunkers, not keeping buggies at stipulated areas, etc., is violating our rules and regulations.

1. Violations

Violations will be issued to the golfer who violated MBGC’s rule and regulations as well as to his buggy mate. Golfers, who fail to observe the rules and regulations of MBGC and golf etiquettes as stipulated by the R&A/USGA Rules of Golf in one (1) golf game, will be subjected to the following warnings:

  1. Verbal Warning - First Violation
  2. 1st Yellow Card - Second Violation
  3. 2nd Yellow Card - Third Violation
  4. Red Card - Fourth Violation
2. Examples
  1. Failure to adhere to Cart Path Rule.
  2. Failure to replace / repair divots.
  3. Failure to repair ball marks.
  4. Failure to rake bunkers.
  5. Exceeding speed limit of cart.
  6. Dangerous driving of cart.
  7. Inconsiderate and discourteous behavior towards another person or MBGC`s officers and employees.
  8. Failure to conform to pace of play.
  9. Failure to observe dress code.
  10. Failure to observe R&A/USGA rules of golf and etiquette and MBGC local rules.
  11. Failure to use soft spike shoes.
  12. Smoking in non-smoking zones.
  13. Littering on course and greens.
  14. Damaging club properties.
  15. Inconsiderate or dangerous play.
  16. Persistent failure or refusal to heed reasonable advice or instructions from MBGC’s officers or employees.
  17. Failure or refusal to play from the appropriate tee box in accordance with his/her handicap or as advised or instructed by MBGC’s officers or employees or authorized persons.
  18. Unreasonably refusing to accept the issuance and display of warning cards and or removing the display of the warning cards so issued.
  19. Non-observance of any of the golf etiquette as generally described in the R&A / USGA Rules of Golf.
3. Immediate Yellow/Red Card Action
  1. Golfers who engage in extreme dangerous play, e.g. play before group in front is out of range.
  2. Usage of obscene language or behave in such a way as to cause annoyance or distress to another person.
  3. Reprimand of any MBGC's officials, employees, authorized persons, visitors or golfers for any reason(s) whatsoever.

Course marshals, starters or any authorized staff of Marina Bay Golf Course are given the authority to issue warnings and yellow cards to any player found violating a rule. Managers and supervisors are authorized to issue red cards.

Any player who is given a red card will be asked to leave the course and MBGC premises immediately. There will be no refund of any fees paid. Suspension notice will then be given to them as soon as the management has concluded the severity of their offence(s).

The Management reserves absolute rights to suspend, ban or take any further action against recalcitrant golfers. The Management reserves all rights to amend, modify or change any of the rules and regulations from time to time without any prior notice and reason(s).


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