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Enjoy 6 holes of fun and challenges on our putting course.

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Read / Rules & Regulations

Putting Course Rules

1. Registration
  • Golfer who wishes to make use of the putting course is required to furnish full name (as per NRIC or Passport) and produce ID card/ Passport for verification purposes. Golfer must pay at the reception counter before he/she commences usage of the putting course. A sticker will be issued to the individual and must be displayed notably.
  • MBGC shall have absolute discretion and right to accept any player or reject any registration if any player is not able to furnish the aforesaid information and or produce the supporting documents during registration.
  • Only paid golfers (with issued tags/ sticker) are allowed on MBPC.
  • Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a fee paying adult.
  • Golfer must proceed to the starting hole within 15 minutes after registration.

2. Practice and Coaching
  • The playing of practice strokes during the play of a hole or between holes is prohibited.
  • Only coaches authorised by the Management are allowed to coach on our premises.

3. Safety
  • Please watch your steps and refrain from horseplay while on MBPC.
  • Do not run on the course or slope.
  • Do not putt until the preceding group is out of range.
  • Do not swing putter above the knee height.
  • Watch out for vehicle/ buggy traffic while crossing the buggy/cart paths.

4. Dress code
  • All golfers shall be properly attired.
  • The use of soft spikes golf shoes or flat sports shoes is compulsory.
  • Torn, patched, scanty or provocative attire is not acceptable.
  • The Management reserves the rights to disallow golfers with unacceptable attire to remain within the premises or from playing with no refund of any fees paid.

5. Equipment
  • A putter, balls and ball marker are required for each golfer.
  • There shall be no sharing of clubs.
  • Only putters are allowed for use on MBPC.
6. Flight and Grouping
  • At the starting hole, priority of flight or group to play is on a first-come, first-served basis.

7. Play Sequence
  • All golfers commencing a round of golf shall start at the tee box as directed and shall play each hole thereafter in proper sequence.
8. Pace of Play
  • Golfers are requested to be punctual at the starting hole.
  • One ball per golfer rule applies.
  • Maintain pace of play with the group in front. Please allow smaller or faster groups to play through.
  • The group will move to the next hole when the last player has holed out. Players should not unduly delay play.
9. Out of Bounds
  • A ball is out of bounds only when all of it lies outside of the putting surface on the hole to be played. If a ball is out of bounds, the player must play a ball, under penalty of one stroke, as near as possible at the spot from which the original ball was last played.
10. Assisting or Interfering with Play
  • If a player considers that another ball might interfere or assist with his play, he may have it marked and lifted.

11. Rain-check / Refunds
  • No rain check / refunds will be entertained once you have commenced play.

12. No Smoking / Littering
  • Smoking and littering are strictly prohibited.

13. Food and Beverages
  • Food and beverages are prohibited, unless approved by the Management.

14. Observance of Golf Etiquette and Rules

For the enjoyment of all, golfers must take care of MBPC. Please avoid / refrain from the following:

  • Causing damage when taking practice swings
  • Hitting the head of a putter into the green
  • Dragging putter or golf shoes on the green
  • Picking up the golf ball from the cup using the putter

If a golfer consistently disregards these guidelines and rules during a round, appropriate action will be taken against the offending golfer.

Under no circumstances is NCI Golf Pte Ltd to be responsible for any injury or death howsoever or whatsoever caused to any visitors or golfers or for any loss or damage or theft howsoever or whatsoever caused to the belongings or properties of the visitors or golfers.


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